Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Bet you guys thought I had forgotten.
Well I decided as nobody guessed the correct double that I would do a draw. I put all the numbers ( 1-5 comments) on bits of paper, which I then screwed up and put on a lid. I decided to get Liam to pick the winner. Don't worry, none of the pieces of paper was red :).
I was a little concerned he might grab the lot as he has been mounting a collection of folded and screwed up bits of paper, cardboard and fridge magnets behind a chair in the lounge. This I discovered when leaving the house as they are all clearly visible through the window (also behind the chair).
I did think it may end up being a reverse last bit of paper standing, but as it turned out he was somewhat disinterested. It was only when I waggled it in his face that a got a "shoving it out of the way "response. Can't say I blame him. What's this weird woman doing LOL. As he knocked one of them onto the floor, I wondered if this could be considered a pick...then I thought why not! So I picked it up, unscrewed it and there it was No#1 Simone de Klerk
So Simone if you could email me your address I will post Christmas Buckets by Bronwyn Hayes off to you...I hope you enjoy making them for someone for next Christmas :)

BTW I did have photos, but I am having technical he is at work and the memory card won't go in...I may be doing it all wrong...being a technical nuff nuff



  1. Lucky me, dear Sharon! I am really looking forward to the pattern (O: Liam did a very good job. Give him a hug (if he likes that) and otherwise say Hi from me from Holland.
    Liefs, Simone

  2. Merry Christmas to you all, and congratulations Simone de Klerk
    well done Liam for your input too! very!