Sunday, October 31, 2010

As October ends

Final suit fitting...2 of my gorgeous young men :)

The days leading up to Simon & Beth's wedding have been quite busy, more so for the bride and groom admittedly :). So tomorrow is the big day.
There has been final suit fitting, hair cuts, nails and facials and last minute shopping and fun and laughter and stress

Bouncing and bubbles

and Surprises
ohhh...its Adam!!! What's going on? Liam arrives home from school to find a reception committee waiting for him.

Naomi & Adam have
arrived from Sydney...Liam was very surprised when he arrived home from school to see them standing there. Liam adores his brothers. He jumped happily on the trampoline with Adam and was his little shadow the following day...he even tried to follow him into the bathroom and stuck his hand under the soon as Adam was out he was then again. It was really cute. I'm not sure Liam's brothers realise how special his response to them is...

Walking the dogs

Hens high tea...followed by dancing and dinner for young hens :)....sorry I have no bucks photos!!



Beth and her Mum, Glenda

and wedding rehearsals...I predict tears on the day :)

The men:
Simon, Damian & Adam

They are going to be such a gorgeous and emotional couple :). Adam & Naomi are also in the bridal party, which is rather lovely.
Tonight, perhaps for the last time, we will have all our 3 sons sleeping here and tomorrow will be another new beginning...and the beat goes on...

Even in the rain and mist the Dandenongs are beautiful

Needless to say, tomorrow will be awesome!!!

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Such very happy pictures, Sharon! And how special, the bond between the three brothers.

    Congratulations Sharon with the marriage of Adam and Beth!
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow, of which I am sure you will.

  2. What beautiful pictures your Dandenongs are awesome can't wait to see wedding pictures enjoy the day!!

  3. Simon & Beth are the couple getting married. Adam, his brother is married to Naomi.

  4. Lots of happy pictures and I hope all goes well for the wedding :) hugs Vicki xx