Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sydney (photo heavy)

Well its been an interesting couple of weeks.
After a bad start to the school holidays, Liam was fit and raring to go. He loved the holiday programme and I got a couple of hours to do things Liam isn't so keen on...not that I got those new bathers...I seem to be oddly distorted in the mirror and exposed shall we say less than flattering fleshy bits. So I wore the old one and tried to keep the water level near my a girl in one shop said it won't matter once you are in the water...she should try having my shape :)
As the holidays ended we extended them with a trip to Sydney to spend some time with Adam and his gorgeous wife. We went by car of course...Liam and the car cope very well, Kris loves to be in control. We only had one incident with simply cannot expect one to fulfill his part of the bargain (who knew) and expect to leave without I slid him across the shiny tiled floor to the door where I attracted DH's help. One look at Liam's thunderous face and you guessed it we had late afternoon tea. We got shafted by the tollway as they as we went throught the exact chane isle...and you cannot argue with a machine that you are not a truck but a car...were we really that heavy LOL
Adam was sooo excited when we arrive he locked us all out of their unit with dinner in the oven (and Naomi was at a hen's do in town) LOL.
While in Sydney we took Liam bowling...he loves the bowling on the wii so is fascinated with it in real life for a game and a half...then I think the noise and lights become unbearable and its time to go home. We had fun and Liam even got a strike.

At their local park...he loved the swing and even went on the slide. Naomi and Adam also enjoyed themselves :)

We also went on a walking track that leads from the park through a mangrove area to an inlet.

During a "short cut" (it turned out it wasn't LOL) we saw this odd formation of vegetation, went under the freeway, along walkways...we were gone for a few hours. Liam coped marvelously...we only had a few collapsures (not unjustifiably considering how I had brought no drink or snacks with us and it was a long walk...I thought we were just going to the park for a bit. I suspect we had far less complaints than with a tired , thirsty neuro-typical child.
We went back to play in the park on the following week-end with friends of Adam & Naomi's...they have a gorgeous 18mth old daughter...she's like a little doll. Liam did notice her and seemed quite curious and gently stroked her cheek. She was also curious about Liam. Interestingly both children exhibited some jealously when Adam was paying attention to the other one...he was very fair and was rather pleased that Liam cared :)
We also went to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour...Liam loved the train trip in, loved the penguins and was fascinated by the turtles, he hated the volume of people and that Daddy was taking too long...he attempted an escape...towards the light (was the wrong way).... mutinously refused to go in the right direction, so decided to crawl away (harder for Mum to pick up), then collapsed on the ground. He eventually gave up and we hid in the toilet for a while (Kris was blissfully unaware and taking photos at the time) and then we came out through the cafe.......and I guess you can guess what happened next :)

Kris also got a lovely kiss from a happy son :)

After a little wander around, we headed home via a bridge that led straight into Price Waterhouse. One tired little man slept very well that night.

The next day we did absolutely nothing and took him to the pool the following day. Liam loves water. It was very very busy. Kris , however decided to go for a couple of fast laps, despite his rather sore shoulder and boy did he suffer the consequences (a lot of pain due to a partial dislocation of his left shoulder) fact he still cannot use that arm properly and its driving him crazy...after having just recovered from injuring his knee, he said he's feeling somewhat aged.

Our final trip was to the Hunter Valley...Liam hates the strong alcohol smell, but loved having a bit of a run outside...and he does love going for a drive..
It was wonderful to catch up with Adam and Naomi...I absolutely loved cooking dinner with Adam one night. I had forgotten how nice it was to cook with someone else :)

When we got home, Liam was sooo excited he raced around the front garden (several times). He loves to visit Adam & Naomi in Sydney, but he also loves to come home again...but then again don't we all :)

At think thats enough for this post.

Lots of hugs, Sharon


  1. Aaaaah your blog hates me - LOL. It just wiped my whole spiel out without publishing - grrrrr. Great pics and great to hear about your trip - looking forward to catching up sooooon.

  2. wow, you did have a lot of fun. Love the pictures too!