Monday, October 25, 2010


The tree facing the road (left), those bushes behind the tree are on the other side of the road; and towards the house(below)

The Friday before last we heard a crashing sound...Kris even wondered if there had been a car accident on the road behind our house. The weather had been very chilly due to an Antarctic blast from the south and we had been swept by wind and rain.

This huge (dead) tree had crashed through our back fence and hit the edge of another tree...the dogs were unhurt 'huge relief" and I was able to move them closer to the house before they thought of getting out through the gap.

The tree through our back garden

Where the top of the tree crashed into our tree, which is almost 2/3rds to our house.

As Liam is allergic to dog saliva we fortunately have this area, though the dogs felt a bit uncomfortable being there. Of course Khya loves to dig, so overnight she had flattened the new shrubs and dug 3 holes...Kris was quite distressed. With the searing summers and lack of rain, it was the first time in years this area had looked so verdant...oh well it'll recover I guess. This is what I saw when I went out the back.

The filled gap in the fence

The next day the council sent men out to cut the tree off our you can see the hole is now filled with non-ascetically pleasing corrugated iron (but at least the dogs cannot get out). I had had to add to the short barrier the councilmen had put up as there was NO way it was going to keep a German Shepherd in.

Chopped wood

Removing the tree from the fence (below)

We still don't know what is going to happen with the fence...afterall it was not our tree that damaged it, and I worry about the longevity of the gap-filler and the strength of the surrounding edges of the fence.

Still we were very very lucky :)

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Hmmmmm - not sure about your "gap filler" either - hopefully the council comes up with something better than THAT! You were very lucky that's ALL the damage that was done - it was a MONSTER of a tree!!!

  2. Blimey thats some tree.... lucky it wasnt near your house.
    Karen x

  3. I see I have missed quite some posts )o:
    That must have been shocking, to see your garden like this. What did Liam think about it?