Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Its hard to believe that Simon and Beth's wedding is just one week away...Liam has had his first suit fitting and it went extraordinarily well. This is the thing with autism, it can look quite invisible, but you never know how he will react. The autism is really only slightly noticeable in one of these photos...and only if you know what to look for.
I did know it would be better not to go late in the day and I think he rather liked being picked up early from school.

He coped very well, not minding being handled by a strange woman he had just met and even looked like he was enjoying himself. She didn't mind that he had a little run around the store or even that he joined the window display and watched the cars go rushing down Mitcham Road.
I believe the lack of stress and her acceptance helped him enormously. If we had tried to contain him too much, the story may have been quite different.

And just what is it about a suit that can make a boy or young man look soooo adorably cute.

Ahhh you've gotta love the way your sons scrub up.

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Oh Sharon, you must be so proud! Liam looks like a wonderful young man. And what a sweet lady, to accept him just the way he is and with so much patience! We don't so that often anymore!

  2. I'm soooo glad the sales assistant was great - it must have made the whole day out FUN for you all! All your boys are handsome - and now we know they all look great in a suit too!
    Lotsaluv from a proud Auntie!

  3. Wow! He looks so grown up in that suit! The wedding day will go so very very fast, My tip, Just keep taking pictures. Take pictures of everything.

  4. Amazing Sharon, Liam looks adorable! I am so happy you had a great day with him for the fitting. AWESOME, I looked at my Colin's school pictures today that were just taken and like you say it is invisible. But you never know what minute will bring what. I love your writing and thanks for sharing your remarkable story with us. It helps me so much! Hugs~Donna from Massachusetts